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Pieterjan Ginckels / SOLAR SAFARI
Pieterjan Ginckels / SOLAR SAFARI
Pieterjan Ginckels / SOLAR SAFARI

Pieterjan Ginckels


12 × 16,9 cm, 436 p, ills colour / b&w, paperback
ISBN 9789490800772
design: 6m56s
language: English
edition of 300
March 2018

SOLAR SAFARI hunts down Belgium’s finest photovoltaic compositions. When you flip through this lookbook of domestic scalps, the echoes of fomo, fitspo and avocado toast greet you in endless variations.

In line with PJG’s previous works and performances, SOLAR SAFARI is all about cultural archaeology and technological critique. Target of the project is the privately owned and installed photovoltaic panel. PJG takes a field trip across Belgium, documenting the haphazard solar panel configurations on private rooftops, providing us with a quasi-exhaustive number of 'compositions trouvées'.

His photographic evidence, paired with Instagram-mined wordiness, transforms and criticizes the footage on the different levels at play. Complementing this chunk of geometric superficialism is an overview of Speed Trips, the performative sightseeing Ginckels developed over the past decade. Both method actor and easy rider, the SPEED TRIPPER surrenders to its context and, equipped with necessary props, finds herself at the center of mediation.

“Our lives are hyper-real, and we feel the urge to continuously pimp, remix, recollect our own identity,” says Pieterjan Ginckels. “As such, I see myself as an embedded outsider, playing with ambivalences in speed and authenticity.” The Belgian artist’s work concerns itself with the acceleration of modern life and he demonstrates this through exhibitions and experiences that interweave spatial, artistic and design practice, and everything in between. Performative in nature, Ginckels received attention for his installation PISTE, a velodrome within a museum, and S.P.A.M. Office, a surreal office environment dedicated to finding order within the detritus of electronic communication. (ICON Magazine, ‘Future 50,’ 2013)