Tom Callemin
The uneasy realisation of a coincidence


24 x 31 cm, 60 p, ills colour / b&w, softcover, English
ISBN 9789490800512
design: 6′56″


edition of 500
June 2016

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A questioning of the role of the camera as obstacle between the photographer and reality continually enters into young Belgian photographer Tom Callemin’s artistic process. This inquiry is translated into haunting images that are usually created in the studio, requiring long periods of preparation. His work therefore reads as an ode to slowness. Meticulously constructed black-and-white compositions are contrasted with Callemin’s ongoing exploration of the portrait, resulting in a selection of enigmatic and refined images. This book is published on the occasion of a solo exhibition of Callemin’s work at FOMU Antwerp and includes a text by Taco Hidde Bakker.


24 x 30 cm, inkjetprint on ragpaper, edition of 20, signed and numbered