Thorsten Brinkmann
The Great Cape Rinderhorn


21 x 29,7 cm, 104 p, ills colour, linnen hardcover, Japanese binding, English / Dutch
ISBN 9789490800574
design and editing: Kathi Seemann & Jurgen Maelfeyt (6′56″)


edition of 1000
January 2017

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Thorsten Brinkmann (1971, Herne (D)) calls himself a serial collector. In the storeroom at his studio you can find the most varied objects. He finds these objects on flea markets, in thrift shops, on the street, at refuse dumps, etc. They are part of middle-class domestic culture. He uses these objets trouvés to show how we relate to the objects that surround us. Objects define our identity and inform our culture, and as a result what belongs to us is of considerable importance. We shape and design the objects that surround us and in turn they shape us and the lives we live.

The Great Cape Rinderhorn is a word-play which on the one hand refers to a monumental bull’s horn, to a cape (a sleeveless garment) and Cape Horn at the southernmost extremity of Chile. Apart from a lighthouse, a house and a chapel, Cape Horn is a barren landscape.

The Great Cape Rinderhorn has been shown at the Rice University Art Gallery in Houston, Texas (US) and Be-Part, Waregem (B). This publication is made with images from these two exhibitions and acts as a new chapter for this installation.

With the support of Be-Part (Waregem) and Rice Gallery (Houston).