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Network Time


14 x 20 cm, 48 p, ills colour, paperback, English
ISBN 9789490800253
design: Jurgen Maelfeyt


edition of 300
September 2014

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Contributions by Elvia Wilk, Graham Harman and Adrian MackenzieIn 1959, the American engineer Paul Baran was charged by the RAND Corporation with the task of designing a telecommunications network resilient enough to survive a nuclear attack. A year later Baran published his proposed solution: a network of distributed nodes without a centralized core. He argued that a distributed network would be indestructible because the connections between its nodes were redundant; multiple connections safeguard a system from total destruction if individual nodes are damaged. A decade later, Baran’s distributed relay node architecture formed the conceptual framework for the first system of inter-networked computers, which would become the basis for today’s decentralized wireless internet. – Elvia Wilk