Sébastien Reuzé
Indian Springs


24 × 30,5 cm, 32 p, ills colour, stapled
ISBN 789493146754
design and edit: Sébastien Reuzé & Aline Melaet


edition of 500
May 2021

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“Three two one fire”
‘Indian Springs’, shot between 2012 and 2013, por-trays the photographic fiction during a day in the life of a drone pilot.
“At night I cut across the sandy terrain. With two hands on the steering wheel, the car shoots towards the inter-state to Indian Springs, where I pilot military drones. Grainy pixels spread all over the screen. Day and dreams get blurred, and I ask myself again, as I’ve done for always, whether I’m living in a dream or in reality. (…) Coffee machine, everyday gestures, settling into a leather armchair: vertical joystick, multiple screens console. The game starts, virtual reality—the grid on the screens grows larger and I venture down into the midst of the colored points, headed towards the convulsing horizon in the distance. Soon enough, I’m surrounded only by gridlines, I’m entirely inside it. I feel good. Every day I experience the same surprise at the first contact with the imperceptible of virtual matter. From my fixed position I’m invisible, unassailable, I dominate in close-up a vast territory. (…)”