Philippe Van Wolputte
Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Spaces


20 x 25 cm, 192 p, ills b&w, paperback, English
ISBN 9789490800352
design: Studio Jurgen Maelfeyt


edition of 500
July 2015

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A long-term project by Belgian artist Philippe van Wolputte that spans over a decade, ‘Temporary Penetrable Exhibition Space’ comprises a number of site-specific interventions in the public or semi-public space. The majority are temporary actions which are also clandestine or illegal, meaning that they generally go unnoticed by visitors or passers-by. In so doing, Van Wolputte raises questions about where the work begins or ends, what its boundaries are, whether or not the interventions actually took place, and if we are even able to tell the difference. Existing between the lines of fact and fiction, the sites documented in this volume cleverly address the notion of urban memory.


Hart Magazine (Dutch)