Office Kovacs / Phil Donohue
Colossal Cacti


21 × 29,7 cm, 64 p, ills colour, selfcovering, stapled
ISBN 9789493146297
design and editing: 6’56” 


edition of 500
September 2019

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7 Colossal Cacti. Brought to life during Coachella Festival by architecture studio Office Kovacs & photographer Phil Donahue. The aim was to provide shade and a place to rest or to rendez-vous for festival goers while also providing a backdrop that was reminiscent of a skyline—a skyline of cacti. The play of scale and size, the use of ubiquitous and recognizable shapes, of found objects and playful colors composed in a playful way, are themes that often occur in Office Kovacs’ projects. The mission is to not bring people to architecture, but rather to bring architecture to the people. This attitude runs through everything they design. (Excerpts from an article by Shane Reiner-Roth on Architect.)


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