Edouard Jacquinet


21 × 27,4 cm, 64p, ills b&w, softcover, English
ISBN 9789493146532
text: Lien Van Leemput
design and editing: Jurgen Maelfeyt


edition of 500
October 2020

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You are probably wrong, but that’s because it was your first thought, at first sight. Preconceptions shape your mind. You have to let ambiguity in, as a friendly visitor that molds your mind. How does this space looks like? What is it used for? Who are the people and objects inhabiting it? Can you imagine?

It are all pieces of a puzzle that doesn’t need to be resolved. Some pieces bear names, others don’t. Elegant, powerful, complex, boring, suggestive, black, white, silent, calm, real, fake. Fragments of a space. Colours are black and white. They give personality to this space. On his turn, this space gives credibility to situations by showing a visual code with common rules. Feel free to ignore these rules. Be curious. Shades of black and white fall over your shoulders. They hide and they show. Situations, details, atmosphere.


20 x 26 cm, edition of 100, signed and numbered


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