Here, Waiting
Maroussia Prignot & Valerio Alvarez 


17 × 24 cm, 144 p, ills colour, open spine selfcover, dust jacket, English
ISBN 9789493146228
design and editing: 6’56”, Maroussia Prignot & Valerio Alvarez


edition of 500
September 2019

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A photographic and collaborative work in a Reception Center for Asylum Seekers. In 2015, when a refugee camp settled in the Maximilian Park in the center of Brussels, Maroussia Prignot & Valerio Alvarez decided to work together around a photographic pro-ject on the issue of asylum and the reception given to it in Belgium. They went to a recep-tion center and got permission to enter and meet the people who are waiting for a res-ponse from the General Commissariat for Refugees and Stateless Persons. At first, a documentary approach was used. Afterwards, they created various work-shops together with the refugees, this over a period of three years. Prignot & Alvarez looked for the creation of a space, a method, that allowed a close collaboration with the refugees in order to construct an image and tell their story.