Hana Miletić
Euro Cars


16,2 x 22,9 cm, ills colour, 10 photographs + paper envelope, English
design: Studio Jurgen Maelfeyt


edition of 200 copies
March 2011

First edition out of stock

Euro Cars is a collection of photographs of Mercedes-Benz brand cars with a no longer acceptable production date with regard to permitted European Union emission limits, better known as the EURO norm stages. With the directives and laws becoming stricter vehicles not meeting criteria can no longer be sold or imported into the Union. The series was photographed both in and outside the EU, in the Belgian and Croatian capital city suburban neighbourhoods of Brussels (EU) and Zagreb (non-EU). The images of discarded cars set a number of open questions about contemporary ecology, sociology and urban planning policy, and possible intercultural exchanges within these contexts. Hana Miletić is a Croatian born artist living in Brussels, Belgium, working in the media of photography and video. Her work always exists of a creative research on various contemporary phenomena related to cultural identities, often within European capitals. Miletić studied Art History and Archaeology and Visual Arts, Photography, and currently lectures photography.