Hana Miletić
Coif Mode
16,5 x 11,5 cm, 12 p, ills b&w, leporello


edition of 100 copies
April 2014

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Special edition

Is today really everything so dreadfully the same, or, on Hana Miletić’s fascination with Stilinović’s Hairdressers (Frizeri) To understand Hana Miletić’s artist’s book Coif Mode it is necessary to take a look at the specific art practice and work of Mladen Stilinović in the so-called New Art Practice. It embraces innovations which appeared on the Croatian and Yugoslavian art scene of the 1970s and which are, in the local context, usually related to conceptual art. Although it is hard to find a unique common denominator for the many phenomena that lead to the concretization of ideas, these complex activities are characterized, among other things, by the dematerialization of the art object and by the appearance of the artist in public space. (Sandra Križić Roban)

Hana Miletic,Coif Mode / Mladen Stilinovic, Frizeri
138 x 16 cm (x2), offset print, 1975 & 2014