OpStap, Vincen Beeckman, Colin Pantall, Lien Van Leemput, APE


29,7 × 21 cm, 200 p, ills colour, softcover
ISBN 9789493146884
language: English + Dutch
design and edit: Lien Van Leemput for 6m56s
texts: Colin Pantall, Charlotte Colman, Wouter Vanderplasschen & Aline Pouille, Lien Van Leemput


ed. of 1000
December 2021


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BIRDS OF A FEATHER is a publication that gives an insight into the organisation and functioning of OpStap, a group-based program for people with drug addictions and people in recovery. The focus lays on the guests of OpStap, who are given a meaningful use of time and meaning through meetings, activities and voluntary work.

BIRDS OF A FEATHER is a collaboration between the organisation of OpStap, photographer Vincen Beeckman, writer Colin Pantall, designer Lien Van Leemput, publisher Art Paper Editions (APE) & the city of Ghent.

The project started with several workshops, hosted by Vincen Beeckman & Lien Van Leemput. They interacted with the guests at OpStap, and Beeckman also joined them on their weekly activities outdoors. Conversations took place where questions were posed about the dreams and memories of the guests, but also about their everyday concerns and their opinion about OpStap.

Colin Pantall acts as a moderator and questions the goal of the project, the way in which people are portrayed, and the role of each person involved. This results in a series of interviews that will be a part of the publication.

Besides this, doctor in pedagogical sciences Wouter Vanderplasschen and Aline Pouille, researcher at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of UGent will contribute a text. Also Charlotte Colman, professor in drug & criminal policy, will give her vision on recovery and treatment.



16,5 × 24,7 cm, 1 print by Vincen Beeckman



16,5 × 24,7 cm, 4 different prints by Vincen Beeckman