DEMOCRACY, Poster for Ukraine

A1 poster, offset print

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When releasing this poster in January together with the publication ‘Democracy’ by Duran Lantink we never realised how relevant it would be to the current crisis in Ukraine. That is why we have decided to reprint and launch the poster in a special sale from which all proceeds will be going to various causes in support of those affected by the devastating crisis in Ukraine.

Duran Lantink, APE and Galerie Madé van Krimpen kindly ask you to join us in showing our support for all those affected by these tragic events by buying a ‘Democracy’ poster.

To get your poster you can order online here or buy it at Galerie Madé van Krimpen, Prinsengracht 615H, Amsterdam (all proceeds go to the Red Cross)

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support.