Debby Huysmans
Late Spring


20 x 27 cm, 96 p, ills colour, hardcover, English
ISBN 9789490800239
design: Jurgen Maelfeyt


edition of 500
September 2014

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Still lifes, scenes and landscapes of a primeval location in Finland. During her several stays at the Art Residency Mustarinda between 2010 and 2013, Debby Huysmans found herself surrounded by and brought into contact with the old-growth forests. Late Spring shows how she uses the stories of different locals to explore this magical place, the northern nature and its meanings. Each person has his own strategy, his own dream, philosophy or opinion, but all of them are engaged with these mystical surroundings. Walking, beholding, observing, telling and collecting, are just some of the methods used to clarify the mystery of this ancient woodland and the fables related to them. This book is a complex, yet poetical narrative photographic interpretation about an ambiguous environment where nature, research and the spirits meet.


Josef Chadlek