Camille Picquot
Domestic Flight


21,5 × 29,5 cm, 60 p, ills colour, hardcover
ISBN 9789490800697
design: 6′56″


edition of 500
June 2018

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Special edition

In “Domestic Flight”, the viewer is not con-fronted with traces of what has been. Rather, each scene allows us a glimpse into the action of the story Camille Picquot is un-folding. Released of its burden of proof, photography can now fully be applied to its new purpose: to visually narrate and suggest a fictional story. In her artistic work, Picquot is equally at ease with photography as she is with film. Applying and mixing common practices of these media, she never places one above the other, but rather reinforces them both. In “Domestic Flight”, Picquot does not shy away from adding a playful cameo of herself in the series, possibly hinting at Alfred Hitchcock’s famous appearances. (Rein Deslé)


19,5 x 28,5 cm, edition of 100, signed and numbered


33 x 50 cm, inkjet print, 2 editions of 5, framed, signed and numbered
print 1 = left, print 2 = right